LifeVacs Partners – As well as creating the airway clearance device & choking prevention industry. LifeVac have built a leading reputation within it. Becoming and remaining the “go to” company for peoples ACD and choking prevention needs. LifeVac are the leaders in the industry that we created. Being scientifically proven to be the safest, most effective and easiest to use airway clearance device in the world.

Over the years we have formed partnerships with leading companies within their industries. Our partnerships do not only help raise awareness of choking and choking prevention, but also help save lives. 

Flat Stan First Aid is a nationally and internationally recognised organisation dedicated to introducing over one hundred and fifty thousand children to the fundamentals of First Aid and CPR.

Our inclusive and engaging programs have been specifically designed for children and young people, making them suitable for individuals of all ages, including those with special educational needs and disabilities. As experts in this field, we take great pride in leading the way and partnering with the esteemed UK Resuscitation Council.

LifeVac Europe are very proud of our partnership with Flat Stan First Aid. To find out more about Flat Stand First Aid c visit the Flat Stan First Aid website, the new go to healthcare marketplace. Now you can buy where the healthcare professionals buy. We make it easier and simpler for buyers in healthcare to buy whatever they need in one online store. We’re like an online shopping centre where you can find everything from wipes to wheelchairs, from furniture to food.

Wippet brings everything together on one website. One login, one basket and one invoice each time you buy, no matter how many suppliers you buy from.

Wippet also makes it simple to pay for goods and services in many different ways, from credit cards to Google Pay to Bacs payments. You can even transfer existing credit terms with your suppliers onto our website.

Beaucare® Medical Ltd is a leading national healthcare supplier. From medical equipment to servicing, hygiene and nursing consumables to infection control, it’s no wonder why we are one of the fastest-growing supply companies within the care sector.

Whether you’re a private care home, care home group, care provider/educator or health trust – we are here for you. Our dedicated customer-focused, national teams ensure you’re listened to and expertly cared for. Click here to visit Beaucare

Help Save Lives was originally launched to promote defibrillators and to spread the word about how important they are and why they should be everywhere.  Now 7 years on – we are still here and still working to the same mission.

We are still doing what we set out to do and along the way we have added some fantastic essential life saving products and services.

We only offer one brand of defibrillator with an essential switch! Most defibrillators available on the market have 2 sets of electrode pads – one for adults and one for children. From personal experience this can be confusing and time consuming to the layperson using the device, especially if they haven’t had training. With the Mediana A15 defibrillator all they have to do is flick a switch – amazing.

About 6 years ago we were lucky enough to help promote the anti-choking device – LifeVac. This simple, easy to use device can stop a person choking if the First Aid protocol does not work (back slaps and abdominal thrust) or if a person cannot have the protocol performed on them. This amazing device has now saved over 300 people from ages 4 months to 96 years around the world. WOW!

Two years ago we realised how good 4-11 year old children were at basic First Aid. So we developed a First Aid class, created some lovely characters and wrote a fun book for younger children to support the classes – FAB First Aid. We have now trained over 20,000 Primary school children and even won an award for this from the Royal Borough of Greenwich Business awards. Our continued motivation comes not only from the joy of teaching children these important life skills, as the owner of Help Save Lives I had a very personal experience that changed my life. Sadly my own father became unwell and I found myself in the situation where I had to perform CPR and use my own personal defibrillator on him. After this surreal incident I was determined to introduce these skills to as many children as I could so that in the future they might remember what to do if they are ever put in this situation.

LifeVac Europe and Help Save Lives have worked together since the very beginning, Click here to visit Help Save Lives/FAB First Aid

Wightman & Parrish is an independent, family-run business, specialising in the distribution of cleaning & healthcare solutions.

With over 100 years of experience, our business works closely with our network of suppliers to leverage competitive pricing and innovative products. Key to our success is our superb network. Wightman & Parrish work with leading manufacturers and hold exclusive partnerships with key industry players within the UK.

So how has our family business survived through two World Wars, economic depressions and most challenging of all – changing times?

Let’s take you back to 1915, where Wightman & Parrish began…Click here to visit W&P

Care Improvement Associates is a tech enabled, research driven, national network of over 60 care quality consultants, which includes current CQC inspectors, specialist advisers and former inspectors who all share the aim of outstanding care quality.

From startups to leading providers CIA offers a tailored solution, supporting you to deliver high quality care and aim for CQC’s rating of ‘Outstanding’. Click here to visit CIA and see how they can help you.

Customer service and innovation are always at the forefront of everything we do. By sourcing the best products, offering value-added solutions and providing expert support to all of our partners, you can always be sure to receive the best service from us.

We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach but rather in bespoke solutions for every business. The Care Shop team offers expert knowledge of the healthcare sector and constantly strives to enhance their expertise. We grow with your business and learn from your individual needs and requirements.

To ensure you have everything you need, we offer a wide range of value-added services including complete interior design and fit-outs, decontamination and deep cleaning services, as well as air purification and odour elimination solutions, Click here to visit Care Shop.

Redcrier Training Solutions is a family run and owned business specialising in the care sector.

The Chief Executive Officer, Alec Seville, and his sons take pride in treating each and every client and employee like a member of their family.

Despite its humble beginnings, Redcrier Training Solutions has a national reach and caters for any size or shape of care organisation. We are one of the largest independent training suppliers within the UK care industry.

You too can benefit from a specialist training organisation with 16 years track record in the care sector, whilst also receiving personalised customer service. We are big enough to get it right, but small enough to care.

“Highly regarded care sector training solutions provider who are attractive to clients for the quality of their work and strength of relationships, and appealing to staff as a sustainable business that is a rewarding place to work”. Click here to visit Redcrier Training Solutions

Health Care Services has been delivering an extensive range of high quality healthcare products with a first class service directly to the doors of many customers within different sectors of the healthcare industry since 1989.

Our customers now include private hospitals, nursing and care homes, dentists’ and GPs’ surgeries, care agencies, hospices and clinics, prisons, schools and nurseries and the funeral profession. We also serve the community through Health Care Services Mobility, providing a range of aids for daily living promoting dignity and independence at home at our prestigious premises in Eastwood, Nottingham.

Over the years our business has grown substantially and today, nearly twenty years later, we are proud to call ourselves a SPECIALIST SUPPLIER to the healthcare industry providing hundreds of customers with a TOTAL SOLUTION to all of their healthcare needs.

Our team, who has over 50 years of experience in the business between them, are just as passionate about, and committed to, the needs of our customers as when we started back in 1989.

And we are still supplying many of those customers even after 25 years, Click here to visit Health Care Services UK


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