LifeVac Kit Bundles

Looking for LifeVac® Anti-Choking Devices in larger quantities? LifeVac® kit bundles are designed for large groups and families, providing quick peace of mind and protection against choking for multiple people. Our choking device bundles also provide significant cost savings, along with the assurance that you are purchasing a safe and medically approved product.

We manufacture LifeVac® life-saving devices suitable for various environments and industries, including workplaces, schools, adult social care, and nursing homes.

When more than one anti-choking kit is required, trust LifeVac® to supply you with the kits you need for emergency support.

Our LifeVac® Kit Bundles

  • LifeVac® Home Kit Bundle – Our flagship product is now available in double the quantity. The LifeVac® Home Kit Bundle is a must-have for the entire household that requires two kits. Easy to use by anyone, these home kits are perfect for peace of mind at home, especially with children.
  • LifeVac® Travel Kit Bundle – Ideal for travelling, the LifeVac® Travel Kit Bundle offers multiple portable solutions for on-the-go choking protection in emergencies. With masks for each family member (2 kits included), this life-saving device can be used on holidays, abroad, or on public outings.
  • LifeVac® Wall Mounted Kit Bundle — The LifeVac® Wall Mounted Kit Bundle is the preferred option if you have to cover two areas, such as dining areas in schools or care homes. Protect large groups of people in your industry against choking accidents with this bundle.
  • LifeVac® Wall Mounted Kit and Travel Kit Bundle – With the LifeVac® Wall Mounted Kit and Travel Kit Bundle, you’ll receive 2 LifeVac® Wall Mounted kits and (1) LifeVac® Travel Kit. From the workplace to travel, these preferable options for in-office and travel use are perfect for the workplace should a choking emergency arise.
  • LifeVac® Home and Travel Kit Bundle 1 – Keep your family safe at home and on the move with the LifeVac® Home and Travel Kit Bundle 1.
  • LifeVac® Home and Travel Kit Bundle 2 – The LifeVac® Home and Travel Kit Bundle 2 offers 1 LifeVac® Standard Kit and 2 LifeVac® Travel Kits; suitable for at-home use and double choking protection on the go.
  • LifeVac® Home and Travel Kit Bundle 3 – The LifeVac® Home and Travel Kit Bundle 3 comes with 2 LifeVac® Standard Kits and 2 LifeVac® Travel Kits – for maximum capacity protection at home and when travelling.

Why Buy LifeVac® Products?

When you buy directly from our store, rest assured all our LifeVac® products and bundles are rigorously tested and certified for your safety. Buying LifeVac® choking rescue bundles is a simple and straightforward process thanks to our online shop – from purchase to shipping, your order is handled with care.

With LifeVac Europe, you know you’re purchasing directly from LifeVac’s sole UK manufacturer, who is medically certified to sell life-saving anti-choking devices® to you and your family. We also offer accessories and individual sales of our LifeVac® devices to protect you and others in all areas of life.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Shop now and be prepared for choking emergencies with our LifeVac® anti-choking bundles. Contact us at 01271316044 for any product queries or choking advice today.

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