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Protect Your Children Today

Did you know a child dies every five days from choking? Now, thanks to LifeVac, they don't have to. Our revolutionary anti-choking device has saved hundreds of lives and with just one kit, you can safeguard your entire family. It's not just a choking machine; it's a lifesaver for adults and babies alike. Plus, it's proudly offered by LifeVac®.

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Are You Physically Able to Save a Loved One?

Can you perform the necessary abdominal thrusts in a choking emergency? Whether you're a wheelchair user, pregnant, or of larger stature, LifeVac Anti-choking Device® is your lifesaving solution when chest compressions fail. With its inclusion in the LifeVac kit®, you're always prepared for any choking rescue scenario.

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LifeVac Can Be Self-Applied

Living alone or concerned about children at home? LifeVac® offers peace of mind by enabling self-application during a choking emergency, just like countless others have experienced. With its innovative non-invasive design, it's more than just an anti-choking kit; it's your own personal throat plunger ready to save the day.

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Hall of Saves

Each photo in the ‘Hall of Saves’ is an actual life saved by our LifeVac® anti-choking device. This is our proudest accomplishment in our mission to end choking deaths and educate as many people as possible on choking rescue. Thousands of children and adults have been saved by LifeVac® when all else failed in a choking emergency.

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Choking Can Kill in Less than 10 minutes

Time is of the essence when somebody begins to choke

The UK currently has an 8 minute target time for an ambulance to reach an incident.
4 – 6 minutes of oxygen starvation means brain damage is possible.
6 – 10 minutes of oxygen starvation means brain damage is probable.
Over 10 minutes of oxygen starvation means the victim is likely to die.

Many people around the world cannot receive conventional treatment for choking, like BLS choking protocol, due to pregnancy, disability, age or obesity.

When choking incidents occur, every second counts – which is why LifeVac® is the UK’s best-approved medical device safe for anyone to use in an emergency.


Safeguard Yourself with Genuine LifeVac® Anti-Choking Devices

LifeVac® is the sole reliable choking rescue solution currently available in the UK market. Learn how to identify and steer clear of illegal counterfeit imitations, ensuring the safety of your loved ones.

Recently, the UK regulator for MHRA has issued a warning of unsafe counterfeit anti-choking devices to the general public and healthcare professionals about thousands of counterfeit and unsafe choking devices for sale. It is vital to know how to identify whether devices are counterfeit, and advising the public not to buy from off-brand sources helps prevent deaths – as an estimated 10,000 counterfeit devices have been purchased in the UK in the past two years alone.

Illegal, unregulated Chinese counterfeits of LifeVac can kill, and our approved anti-choking device® is worth buying directly from us, the manufacturers, for your own protection as well as others in a choking emergency.

About LifeVac®

LifeVac Europe® are the manufacturers of LifeVac® for the UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa. The family of people behind LifeVac® are committed to one thing – saving lives. Our people work closely with our customers to support them when they need it – whilst providing advice and guidance for those wanting to know what they can do to reduce the risk of choking. LifeVac is FDA, MHRA, TGA, HPFB, MOH, SAHPRA regulated as a class 1 medical device and CE marked.

Discover how LifeVac® can protect your loved ones from choking emergencies. Contact us today at 01271316044 for more information on purchasing from our range of high-quality LifeVac®  choking devices.

Frequently Asked Questions about LifeVac®

Our Medical Testimonials

How Our Airway Clearance®, Anti-Choking Device® Works

LifeVac® has two sonic welded discs for interchangeable sized masks, as one size will not “fit all” and a one-way valve system, which means when applied no air can be forced through the interchangeable sized masks. LifeVac’s® non-invasive design means no tubes can push the tongue back or the obstruction further down in a panic situation. This also means no tubes can become blocked rendering the device useless if only part of the obstruction has been removed.

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LifeVac Unit Decoration

LifeVac® vs Illegal Dangerous Counterfeits

Is there an "off-brand" version of LifeVac? The simple answer is NO. Only our regulated life-saving LifeVac medical device is non-invasive and medically approved for sale in the UK market. This is essential to know as dangerous, unregulated and illegal counterfeits, sold illegally into/from the UK/EU, are highly likely to cause choking deaths and should immediately be reported to save lives.

Why Are Counterfeits Dangerous?
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Protect Our Children in Schools

LifeVac® has equipped hundreds of schools, helping safeguard children in a choking emergency. When children eat, they often rush without thinking or chewing properly. When in the company of their friends, they may also talk/laugh with food still in their mouths, which poses a great risk of choking. Trust LifeVac®, the ultimate anti-choking device, to protect our children. Don't settle for inferior choking aids that compromise their safety.

Protect Your Children At School
LifeVac Unit Decoration

Hospitality & LifeVac

LifeVac® has equipped thousands of establishments within the hospitality industry. From restaurants to hotels, shopping centres, cinemas and much more! LifeVac® has equipped many establishments that choose to raise their standards of customer well-being and safety. Saving lives captured on CCTV. Trust LifeVac, the lifesaver choking device, to elevate safety standards in your establishment. Choose LifeVac for peace of mind and unparalleled safety.

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Who We Support

We support a lot of people to prevent the risk of a choking death with our LifeVac anti-choking device® and from different sectors, such as schools, care homes, retail centres, public places and restaurants.

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