A Mothers Testimonial

Another life saved. The story of a grateful Mum.

“If you don’t have a LifeVac at home, in your car and at your child’s school or daycare GET ONE NOW! Vivianne choked on a Lolly yesterday and it completely blocked her airway. She was silently choking with her hands holding her throat, she could not cough, could not breathe and had a look panic in her eyes. 5 back blows and 5 chest thrusts followed buy another 5 back blows and she was still choking. I keep a LifeVac in my kitchen cupboard, I used it on her and after the second attempt she coughed, I rolled her on her side and she vomited the lolly. The LifeVac dislodged the Lolly she was choking on. My quick thinking, calm response, and training combined with the use of the LifeVac saved Vivianne’s life! I sat with Viv on the floor for about 45 mins after just holding and cuddling her, feeling so relieved she was ok. I 100% believe that if I didn’t have the LifeVac on hand I’d be telling a different story today.”

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