Over the years we have developed a leading reputation in the airway clearance device market that LifeVac created. Here’s some of our testimonials.


“We have incorporated Lifevac into our Homes for a couple of years now and ensured we give instruction on its use in our First Aid training. We have recognised the increased risk of choking in some of our residents and have in place a rather comprehensive risk assessment to ensure the risk is recognised and the appropriate responses to the risk are put into operation. The Lifevac is in place to enhance our response to possible incidents of choking. We worked constructively and effectively with Lifevac Europe to ensure the appropriate distribution of Lifevac to our Homes and to ensure the correct instruction to our staff on its use.”

—– Frank Cummins, Care Services Director, Caring Homes Group.

“Hallmark Care Homes are very pleased to work with LifeVac who have supplied LifeVac kits to all of our homes in England and Wales. This gives us piece of mind that in the event of a choking incident we have all the correct equipment within our homes. LifeVac is an incredibly easy to use product and the team at LifeVac have provided our care and nursing teams with some great training on how to use the equipment.”

—– Aneurin Brown, Regional Manager for England, Hallmark Care Homes.

“The team at LifeVac presented their thorough knowledge regarding choking risks within the residential care sector and professionally demonstrated the capability and benefits of their invention to deal with such risks. In doing so, they instilled confidence within our leadership team and it was an easy decision to become a partner. LifeVac is invaluable, lifesaving technology and we feel that it is essential to support our staff at Runwood Homes with such crucial lifesaving equipment. LifeVac will protect all of our residents, especially those who are living with a neurological condition, such as dementia or Alzheimer’s, and with an increased choking risk.”

—– Gavin O’Hare-Connolly, Chief Operating Officer of Runwood Homes.

“For me, the beauty of LifeVac is in its simplicity. Having assessed the suitability of the device, I had positive feedback from my front-line colleagues thanks to it being so easy to use and non-invasive, despite serving such a critical life-saving purpose.”

—– Roberta Roccella, Envivo Group

“At Exemplar Heath Care we always put safety first for our service users and with this in mind we purchased LifeVacs for all our homes. We train our staff in choke related first aid, and additionally in the use of LifeVacs, there has only been one occasion where we have had to utilise this but when this occasion arose it was successful. Following the incident staff were debriefed and were positive and felt confident in managing choke related situations.”

—– Claire Barnfield, Commissioning Director, Exemplar Health Care.

"I am trained in CPR, I did the Heimlich, it did not work, my daughter was dying in front of me. LifeVac saved her life. Please have a LifeVac. It is priceless!"

—– Claire Duvall, Mother

"I don't think anyone expects to ever use this, but I can't recommend it enough. LifeVac saved my 11 month old son Oscar, LifeVac's 40th life saved."

—– Mark Temperton RNMH. Father.

"Natalie said this was the second choking incident in 2 days with different residents. I have to say I was grateful for the training I recieved on the previous Thursday, it was amazing how easy to to use and efffective LifeVac was."

—– Natalie Hearn, CHAP.


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