LifeVac Europe are pleased to be taking a huge step forward in regards to reaching our ultimate goal, to have non-invasive airway clearance devices implemented into BLS choking protocol.

This would raise current BLS choking protocol from 76% effectiveness to as close to 100% effective as possible. This would also give people such as wheelchair users, pregnant women and children an additional option when they may not be able to receive the abdominal thrusts.

LifeVac to date (29/06/21)  has saved over 156 lives in a choking emergency when BLS choking protocol has failed or cannot be performed. These lives saved in conjunction with the multiple peer reviewed medical publications on lives saved, safety, independent testing, effectiveness and usability, show the need for such an implementation.

This would save hundreds of thousands of lives every year around the world in a choking emergency.

We are interested in learning about your experience with the LifeVac Device!

Researchers are conducting a study looking at the benefits and harms (pros and cons) of using airway clearance
devices (ACDs) on someone who is choking.

Traditional choking interventions (like abdominal thrusts, back blows, and chest compression’s) have been
recommended for decades, but recently ACDs have become a potential alternative to the traditional techniques. This
study aims to improve the data about these devices.

Click the link below to learn more about the study, and to share your LifeVac experience. We appreciate your time and

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