LifeVac Saves Another Child In A Choking Emergency In Poland!

It has been reported to LifeVac Europe that LifeVac has saved another child in a choking emergency, our second life saved in Poland!

Our distributor in Poland LifeVac Polska received fantastic news that a 10 year old boy was saved by his mother when he choked on a sweet.

The 10 year old boy Kamil, suffers from Bartter syndrome which affects his kidney function. He also suffers from esophageal stricture which is an abnormal tightening or narrowing of the esophagus.

Kamil snuck a sweet into his mouth while sitting in a chair when his mother wasn’t looking. Unfortunately the situation turned serious very quickly when Agnieszka realised something was wrong and her son could not breath as the sweet became a full airway obstruction.

His mother carried out standard BLS protocol (abdominal thrusts and back blows) which unfortunately failed to dislodge the sweet. She then used her LifeVac which dislodged the sweet in seconds saving her sons life.

"This is wonderful news to hear! We are receiving news of lives being saved nearly every week now, this is our 4th child this month alone! We are very proud to be able to save peoples lives, especially coming up to Christmas when time for children is so magical".

— Eric Banagan: Managing Director LifeVac Europe

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