LifeVac caught on CCTV saving a life

Hero Mum saves her two year old son in a choking emergency

The team here at LifeVac Europe are extremely proud to share wonder news that LifeVac was used to save another child in a choking emergency.

A hero mother leapt into action while preparing lunch for her two sons, when her two year old little boy began choking on a plantain chip that became logged in his airway.

His mother grabbed him out of the chair and began delivering back slaps in hopes this would dislodge the hard piece of dried chip/crisp. Unfortunately her first aid attempts were not enough to clear the obstruction. She then remembered she kept a LifeVac where her children eat.

After laying him down on their sofa, one application of her LifeVac and the chip/crisp was dislodged and her little boy started breathing again.

"I was in tears when I saw this footage, the sheer panic the mother must have been feeling at that present time must have horrific. I'm overjoyed to see the little boy was saved thanks to his quick thinking mother and her LifeVac. We have now saved over 52 children in a choking emergency, every single report we receive is just as special as the first"

— Matthew Banagan: Sales and Marketing Director - LifeVac Europe

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