LifeVac registers another life saved!

LifeVac saves another life in a choking emergency

The team at LifeVac Europe are excited to share details on another child saved with LifeVac.

We purchased a LifeVac before my son was born because I thought it was a great tool to have in the home. As I tucked it into the kitchen drawer I said, I hope we never need to use this.

Unfortunately, one of my worst fears came true. I had to use my LifeVac because my 2-year-old was choking on an ice cube.
He walked over to my husband crying and it was muffled and different than his regular cry. I started walking towards him and knew right away he was choking. My husband grabbed him and leaned him down and started doing back blows, but nothing came out. We had no clue what he was choking on so I tried to stick my finger in his mouth, but he just a bit down harder as I had my finger in there. I grabbed the LifeVac from the drawer and put the pediatric mask on and told my husband to lay him on the floor. The look on my baby’s face will never leave my mind. I put the mask on his face, pressed down, and pulled, but his head moved sideways and I thought oh no it didn’t work. I was telling my husband to hold his head when I saw the ice cube had came up in his mouth. I pulled it out and he cried.

It was such a stressful night, but it could have been so different without this amazing and easy-to-use device.
I will be telling every parent about this simple, but an amazing tool that everyone should have. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, this company and its founders saved my son’s life. I will forever be grateful.

"I started crying and said this thing was the best purchase we have ever made"

— Mother

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