Sometimes we are not able to share full details publicly, of when LifeVac has been used. This might be due to mitigating circumstances around the choking incident, patient confidentiality or other factors such as family members not wanting their life to be made public. Although all of our usage forms are completed in full independently, we are always grateful for the information we are able to share to the public.


It has been reported to LifeVac Europe that a child in Florida choked on a rubber bullet that became lodged in the child’s airway.

Choking rescue procedures were performed but to no avail. Upon using the LifeVac the obstruction was dislodged enabling the child to breathe. “It took the rubber bullet out and we made it to the emergency room on time. We are thankful he is okay now. ” We are so thankful this family chose to protect their family in a choking emergency.

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