74-Year-Old Man Saved with LifeVac in a Choking Emergency

LifeVac are happy to share the news of another life saved

A 74-year-old man choked on a piece of pork on Christmas Eve causing a total airway obstruction. LifeVac was used immediately and successfully dislodged the obstruction on the first application saving the gentleman’s life!

Here is the testimonial from the family:

“My Dad was having dinner while I and other family member was still preparing more food. When we saw my dad fall from his chair and was choking. He was already turning blue and in and out of consciousness. The abdominal thrusts was tried about 4 or 5 times but didn’t work. By the 5th time, I was already done installing the LifeVac. ( it took a while to install I literally got the device the same day at mail and went straight to the dinner it was still packed and sealed) after one pump the pork came flying out of his mouth and started to breathe and his colour came back from almost blue to normal. A great lifesaving device, I would recommend that everyone should have this device especially if you have elderly people in your household. Thank you so much LifeVac!”

Matthew Banagan – Sales and Marketing Director, LifeVac Europe, commented: “This is amazing news to receive, LifeVac is making such a huge impact on the world. We saved 148 lives in 2021, that’s a potential 592 immediate family members who got to see their loved ones again. LifeVac have some amazing things lined up for 2022 and one of our goals this year is to double our lives saved. We can do this by raising even more awareness around choking and how BLS choking protocol is only 70% effective when performed correctly in a “perfect” situation, this statistic is even less for people such as wheelchair users who may not be able to receive the abdominal thrusts/Heimlich maneuver.

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