LifeVac Saves 5-Year-Old Girl with Down Syndrome in a Choking Emergency

LifeVac are extremely pleased to share news of another child saved

It was reported to us, that a 5-year-old little girl with Down Syndrome  choked on bread while at a soft play, BLS first aid choking protocol was performed, but was unsuccessful in dislodging the obstruction. The little girl then became unconscious and paramedics were called to the scene. Paramedics were unable to remove the obstruction. A man ran in to the soft play and asked to try the LifeVac he had in his car. The paramedics agreed and on the fourth PLACE – PUSH – PULL motion the bread was dislodged, saving the little girls life.

Read the mothers amazing testimonial below:

She choked on a piece of bread at a soft play and we couldn't remove it. She has down syndrome but is fully aware. So not bed ridden or anything like that but has a smaller air way. Paramedics were at the scene and they couldn't remove it either. They tried everything, hitting her back and they tried to clear her throat with a device but nothing worked. Thankfully a man had a life vac in his car and he ran out to fetch it and the ambulance man let him do it. After four goes it came out. I had never heard of it before. Can't be more thankful now, doctors at hospital said it saved her life.

— Mother

Eric, LifeVac Europe MD, commented: “This is brilliant news to receive. We look forward to speaking to the precious little girls mother again. We are so thankful that paramedics let the customer use his LifeVac device when they could not remove the obstruction with their equipment.”

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