LifeVac are Proud to Share News of Another Life Saved in a Choking Emergency

It has been reported to us, that LifeVac has saved the life of a 95-Year-Old female in a choking emergency. This time the choking incident took place in a care home situated in the North East of England.

The elderly female resident was enjoying her lunch, when a piece of bacon became lodged in her airway, quickly creating a full airway obstruction.

Staff acted quickly and accordingly delivering BLS first aid choking protocols, which failed to dislodge the full airway obstruction.

Nurses quickly deployed their LifeVac device from the wall mounted box. Whilst the resident was in a sitting position LifeVac was applied. On the first Place-Push-Pull® motion, LifeVac dislodged the piece of bacon, saving the residents life.

As standard procedure, a free replacement LifeVac device has been sent out.

Resident is well and continues to thank staff for, in their words "Saving Their life."

— Care Home Manager

The LifeVac provided the support for our resident when BLS protocols had been exhausted, resulting in their life being saved."

— Nurse

Marie Banagan, Finance & Operations Director ~ LifeVac Europe, commented: “This is brilliant news to receive! We work with thousands of care and nursing home providers across the UK and Europe. Knowing we are making such an important impact on people’s lives. In addition to reducing one of the leading causes of accidental death in adults over the age of 65 (choking) is wonderful. We have helped save 525 lives in a choking emergency, this isn’t just a number, these are people’s lives and an important change in history.”

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