LifeVac saves 37th life from choking to death!

On the 10th of September LifeVac was informed of our 37th life saved!

In March LifeVac partnered with CareChoice Ireland care group who rolled out LifeVac across all of their homes after staff receiving training.

CareChoice Ireland provide outstanding care to the wonderful resident’s that reside in their beautiful care establishments that range from 50 bedded homes to 165 bedded homes.

In September at one of CareChoice’s homes LifeVac was put into action when a resident began to choke. BLS protocol was carried out which unfortunately did not dislodge the obstruction, staff grabbed LifeVac and used it to dislodge the food which saved their resident’s life.

"This is such great news to hear of another life being saved, especially in the care sector again! It has been a pleasure working with CareChoice Ireland for their roll out. Recently reading sad news reports of tragic deaths from choking in various care homes around the UK, it is really nice to see we are making a difference by saving lives. We firmly believe within the next few years the leading cause of accidental death in adults over the age of 65 will be a thing of the past. We are proud to say we have worked with over 2800 care and nursing homes across the UK and they have put their trust in the original, leading airway clearance device, LifeVac".

— Matthew Banagan: LifeVac Europe

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