LifeVac Saves Life in Ivass Manises Care Home, Spain

LifeVac Europe are extremely proud to share superb news, our LifeVac ACD has saved another life in a choking emergency

It has been reported to us by our distributor LifeVac Spain (, that LifeVac helped save the life of a 53 year old female in a choking emergency.

The 53 year old female, who has learning disabilities resides in a IVASS Care Home in Manises, Spain. The female was sitting in the dinning area enjoying her meal when she came in to difficulty as soft diet food had become lodged in her airway, creating a full airway obstruction.

Carers quickly administered BLS choking protocol, but sadly the abdominal thrusts were not effective as the female was in a sitting position.

A second nurse quickly grabbed their LifeVac from the emergency area and applied LifeVac to the female who was still in a sitting position. Within seconds LifeVac once again dislodged the obstruction saving the woman’s life.


“It is a device that complements the standard procedure. In my experience, I have been able to clear the airway of deeply blocked material with the device, when I have not been able to do it with the standard maneuvers.” – Nurse 

We are very proud to receive this amazing news, knowing LifeVac is saving lives nearly every day when all other choking procedures fail. LifeVac are leading the way in airway clearance device technology, being scientifically recognised as the safest, most effective and easiest to use Airway Clearance Device in the world. Backed by MULTIPLE peer reviewed medical publications on lives saved, independent testing, effectiveness, ease of use and safety. I'm proud to be part of such a passionate global family (LifeVac), who all share the same vision of saving lives and changing history.

— Matthew Banagan, Sales and Marketing Director - LifeVac Europe

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