LifeVac used for the first time within Runwood Homes Senior Living

It has been reported to LifeVac Europe that LifeVac was put to the test once again within the care sector when a resident began to choke.

A resident began to choke during meal time within Runwood Homes Senior Living, staff carried out BLS protocol but as this incident was a partial obstruction BLS was ineffective. Staff acted quickly and used LifeVac which dislodged the obstruction in seconds.

Runwood Homes Senior Living completed their face to face training on LifeVac for their group roll out in July 2019 to safeguard the people they care for in a choking emergency.

“The team at LifeVac presented their thorough knowledge regarding choking risks within the residential care sector and professionally demonstrated the capability and benefits of their invention to deal with such risks. In doing so, they instilled confidence within our leadership team and it was an easy decision to become a partner. LifeVac is invaluable, lifesaving technology and we feel that it is essential to support our staff at Runwood Homes with such crucial lifesaving equipment. LifeVac will protect all of our residents, especially those who are living with a neurological condition, such as dementia or Alzheimer’s, and with an increased choking risk.”

— Gavin O'Hare-Connolly, Chief Operating Officer of Runwood Homes Senior Living

"This is fantastic news, the LifeVac Europe Team are very proud of the impact we are making in the care sector here in the UK. Having now worked with and equipped over 3750 care and nursing homes across the UK from small independent care homes to the largest care home provider HC-One we are proud to be leading the way in the fight against choking deaths in the UK care sector. LifeVac has dislodged full and partial obstructions in care settings from coleslaw and sputum to hard boiled sweets and meat. Not only are LifeVac leading the way but we remain the safest, most effective airway clearance device in the world. Being the only airway clearance device with peer reviewed medical publications, independent testing and medical abstracts proving safety and effectiveness. In simple terms the only airway clearance device with any testing to show how effective and safe it really is."

— Matthew Banagan from LifeVac Europe

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