LifeVac saves another life in the UK Adult Care Sector

It’s with great pleasure the team at LifeVac Europe share more amazing news, LifeVac has helped save another life within Sunrise Senior Living

Sunrise Senior Living deployed LifeVac across all of their care homes in late 2019, like hundreds of care providers large and small across the UK this proved to be a great decision.

An elderly service user was eating her dinner when she began to choke on a piece of meat. Nurses acted very quickly delivering BLS choking protocol, 11 back blows and 3 abdominal thrusts which sadly did not dislodge the obstruction. The service user became unconscious and her lips had turned blue, staff quickly grabbed the LifeVac from their wall mounted kit and within seconds LifeVac dislodged a large piece of meat, she then started to breath and regained consciousness

Paramedics arrived on scene and checked over the service user, she was then given the “all clear”. When they saw the large chunk of meat they asked what had managed dislodged something that large. The staff at Sunrise Sunrise Senior Living explained about LifeVac and how easy it was to use to dislodge the large obstruction. The paramedics were amazed as they had heard of LifeVac, but not seen one in person. They then asked if they could take a picture of their LifeVac device so they could show their team back at the station.

“I can honestly say without doubt that without the device the outcome would have very different. Paramedics were also impressed not only by the device but by the size of the blockage that the Lifevac removed.” “The resident would have passed away had the device not been used.”

“It’s brilliant to hear that LifeVac again has been used to help save another life! This is LifeVac’s 9th life saved this month!! Myself and the experts/team at LifeVac are extremely proud of the impact we are making around the world, the dream of eradicating choking deaths may truly come possible.”

—Lea from LifeVac Europe

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