LifeVac® Are Pleased to Share News of Another Child Saved

It was reported to us that a 7-month-old boy choked on a piece of plastic from a Frube (yogurt) causing a full obstruction of his airway. His mother, who is a nurse, was unable to dislodge the using BLS first aid choking rescue procedures. LifeVac® successfully dislodged the obstruction on the 2nd application.

On 14/09 around 9 pm, my son (7 months old) started choking. I performed several back blows. Exactly how I’ve been taught every 2 years since 2007. It’s not the first time I’ve done this on an infant or toddler and I’m a ER/ICU RN). Whatever it was would not come up He would cry, and it would lodge again, and he would start choking all over again. I tried mouth sweeps after each time he started crying post blows, but never got anything. I remembered I bought a LifeVac a year ago because my grandma requested one just in case something happened, and I wasn’t home. While dad called EMS, my Grandma quickly assembled the LifeVac. At this point, he was starting to turn blue around his mouth. After 2 attempts, he started screaming and breathing on his own. EMS showed up around a minute later. I literally only bought that thing because my grandma asked. I never really thought if it would actually work.”

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