Saving lives in the care sector around the world!

Being LifeVac Europe means we proudly have partners around Europe, Middle East and Africa who help us save lives.

A female resident of a care home in Almeria, Spain became unconscious when she began choking on her meal of rice and vegetables. The resident was laying on the floor following dedicated staff carrying out BLS protocol which unfortunately failed to dislodge the obstruction. Staff quickly utilized LifeVac which dislodged the bolus of chewed up rice and vegetables saving her life.

Due to receiving BLS protocol the resident was given an x-ray as a precaution and given the “all clear”.

"It's great to hear all of these recent lives being saved by LifeVac when all else fails. LifeVac is equipped in care homes around the world thank you to our dedicated distributors who are just as passionate about saving lives as we are. LifeVac set the bar for airway clearance devices around the world being the first airway clearance device solely used for choking.  Still being the only airway clearance device proven to be safe and effective to use with independent medical testing, peer reviewed medical publications and medical abstracts. LifeVac is now equipped in Schools, Care Homes, EMS, Retail Stores, Dentists, Sport Centre's, Fuel Stations, Cinemas, Fire Departments, Restaurants, Nursing Homes, Hospitals and many many more places around the world thanks to the dedicated LifeVac World Team. Making a difference one life at a time."

— Eric Banagan: Managing Director LifeVac Europe

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