The efficacy and usability of suction-based airway clearance devices for FBAO

LifeVac Vs Abdominal thrusts – LifeVac Vs Dechoker – Dechoker Vs Abdominal Thrusts


At LifeVac, we take unbiased scientific research very seriously, we are pleased to share an independent published research study carried out at Warick Medical School, University of Warick Coventry, UK. Published in an open access journal Resuscitation Plus.

This randomised crossover trial shows the efficacy and usability of suction-based airway clearance devices for foreign body airway obstruction: a manikin randomised crossover trial.


“In this manikin study, we found that, compared with abdominal thrusts, the success rate for foreign body airway obstruction removal was higher in the LifeVac group but not in the Dechoker group.

For the primary outcome, the FBAO was successfully removed in 99% cases with LifeVac, 74% cases with Dechoker, and 71% cases with abdominal thrusts (Table 2). The odds of successful removal was significantly higher in the LifeVac group than abdominal thrusts (odds ratio 47.32, 95% CI 5.75–389.40), but was not significantly higher in the Dechoker group compared with abdominal thrusts (odds ratio 1.22, 95% CI 0.60–2.47).

Removal in less than one-minute occurred in 82% cases using LifeVac, 44% cases using Dechoker and 67% using abdominal thrusts.

The LifeVac consistently outperformed the Dechoker device, whilst comparisons between the other two groups (LifeVac v Abdominal thrusts; Dechoker v Abdominal thrusts) were mixed. Reported confidence using techniques in real-life was highest in the abdominal thrust group, although between group comparisons showed abdominal thrusts were not superior to the LifeVac.

In this manikin study, we found evidence that individuals using the LifeVac were more successful in removing a simulated foreign body airway obstruction than individuals using abdominal thrusts. We did not find evidence of improved success by individuals using the Dechoker, compared with individuals using abdominal thrusts.”


Now with over a 100 lives saved in a choking emergency we are very proud to keep setting the standard for airway clearance device technology.


"It's great to see people undertaking research to show the efficacy of ACD's (Anti Choking Devices, Airway Clearance Devices). As everyone knows our main goal is to get the use of hand held suction devices/ Non-invasive hand hand suction devices into BLS choking protocol, this will raise choking BLS protocols success rate to as close to 100% as possible. This will also give people such as wheelchair users an additional option when all else fails"

— Eric Banagan - Managing Director LifeVac Europe

With 4 lives already saved this year, we look forward to another amazing year for LifeVac and ACD’s.

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