LifeVac helps save another life – Prairie Du Chien Police Department

LifeVac Europe is overjoyed to announce news of another life saved.  A few weeks ago, LifeVac was utilized by the Prairie Du Chien Police Department in Wisconsin when law enforcement officers responded to a choking-related emergency. When arriving on the scene the elderly gentleman was immediately attended to using the Heimlich maneuver.  When choking rescue procedures were unable to dislodge the hamburger that caused a total blockage LifeVac was utilized and cleared the victim’s airway.

“Thank you to LifeVac for helping us better serve our community. We police a rural area of Wisconsin that requires us to be first responders to most medical calls. On March 20, 2021, our Officers responded to an adult male who had a fully obstructed airway. Officers arrived on the scene prior to our full-time EMS service, and they were able to successfully use the LifeVac to break up and dislodge the obstruction. Proper training and equipment make all the difference between being able to save lives and feeling helpless or hopeless in our efforts. Our entire patrol fleet was equipped with LifeVac devices in 2019 and two years later have proven themselves to be an essential, lifesaving, tool for our department. Thank you again!”

—Chief of Police, Prairie Du Chien Police Department
Lifevac donation saves life

May 2019   Our agency was thrilled yesterday to get LifeVac’s donated to equip our squad cars with life-saving devices in the case of an obstructed airway.  Members of our staff utilize these in their own homes as a safety measure to help in a choking incident.

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