LifeVac saves another life

LifeVac saves another child in a choking emergency!

We are delighted to announce that LifeVac has helped save the life of a 16-month-old little girl when she began choking on a Gerber puffed chip. The child’s mother performed back blows for approximately a minute but was unsuccessful in dislodging the snack. Upon utilizing the LifeVac three times the obstruction was dislodged saving her daughter’s life.

“Her airway was cleared and definitely saved her life. I am SO grateful to have had it and thankful to my friend who put me on to LifeVac. I was so stressed nothing could get it out and she has tears pouring down her face from lack of air. I’m SO thankful to have had this device on hand. Thank you for what you do with this product and mission”


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