LifeVac helps save 3 more lives!

We are very proud to share news that LifeVac has helped save 3 more lives in a choking emergency

Being LifeVac Europe means that we have distributors/partners around UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa. All of our partners/distributors all share the same vision as we do, “to save lives in a choking emergency and give peace of mind“.

It has been reported to us by our distributor LifeVac Spain that LifeVac has been used on three separate occasions within Residencia Gregorio Garcia Antonio, Avila, Spain to save three different residents within a span of 5 months.

LifeVac was used when an 85 year old lady with Huntington’s Disease was enjoying her desert following  her dinner. The female resident came into difficulty very quickly when her desert became lodged in her airway creating a full airway obstruction. Staff carried out BLS choking protocol which unfortunately failed to dislodge the obstruction. The female resident became unconscious and the casualty started to turn blue/purple, which is when staff grabbed their LifeVac ACD and on the third application dislodged the obstruction. The female resident was taken to hospital where she made a full recovery.

“Efficient, secure, fast – 100%”

LifeVac was used on a 94 year old female who relies on a wheelchair for daily tasks. The female resident was sitting in her wheelchair enjoying her dinner when a piece of food became lodged in her airway creating a full airway obstruction. BLS choking protocol was carried out by nurses which failed to dislodge the obstruction, LifeVac was used  to dislodge the obstruction and the female resident regained consciousness.

“Quickness, easy to use”

LifeVac was used in a choking emergency on a 97 year old female wheelchair user who suffers from Dysphagia. The resident was eating her dinner when food became lodged in her airway creating a partial airway obstruction. Staff encouraged the resident to cough, but this could not clear the obstruction. LifeVac was used and dislodged the partial airway obstruction and the female resident made a full recovery avoiding a trip to hospital.

“Easy to use, fast, positive outcomes”

"This is wonderful news to receive, the daily reports we are now receiving makes every day special. Knowing that LifeVac helped save it's first life 5 years ago yesterday and now we have saved over 150 lives is such a brilliant feeling"

— Eric Banagan: Managing Director LifeVac Europe

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