LifeVac are Thrilled to Share News of Another Life Saved

It was reported to us that a 3-year-old boy choked on a Cheez-it which caused a full airway obstruction. His mother believes he went to cough and inhaled. The snack then got lodged in his throat. She attempted back blows laying him over her knee. She then grabbed the LifeVac off the top of the refrigerator and on the 2nd application dislodged the food.

After the second pull, the almost fully intact cheese it popped out. I’m so thankful. I have never been more scared in life! Yes definitely. I tried for a full 30 seconds of laying him over my legs and doing back blows and nothing. I’m just so relieved I purchased one thinking I would never use it. I’m so glad I was prepared!”

— Mother

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CCTV footage of LifeVac saving a life.

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