LifeVac has again helped save another life in the UK Care Sector

The team at LifeVac Europe are extremely pleased to share news that LifeVac has helped save another life within HC-One.

A resident who relies on a wheelchair for every day tasks was enjoying their food during dinner. Within seconds food unfortunately became lodged in their airway creating a full airway obstruction.

Nurses acted quickly delivering BLS choking protocol to try and dislodge the obstruction. As the resident was a wheelchair user, limited BLS choking protocol could be performed which sadly failed to dislodged the chewed up food.

A nurse quickly grabbed a LifeVac from their wall mounted kit and applied the airway clearance device, within seconds LifeVac removed the lodged food that was creating the full airway obstruction saving the residents life in the choking emergency.

The resident made a full recovery.

“Easy to use” – Nurse

A free replacement LifeVac device and mask was sent out as standard procedure to replace the homes used LifeVac ACD.


HC-One are the largest and most recognised care and nursing home provider in the UK. HC-One deployed LifeVac wall mounted kits across all of their establishments around UK in January 2020 to help raise the quality of care provided to the amazing people they care for on a daily basis.

"This is brilliant news to hear! We now help save lives from choking to death nearly on a daily basis, we are honoured to be making such a big impact within the UK care sector, helping reduce one of the leading causes of accidental death in adults over the age of 65...choking. LifeVac Europe have worked with and equipped over 5,000 care and nursing homes across the UK and it's a privilege to work with the largest care and nursing homes providers in the UK".

— Matthew Banagan, LifeVac Europe Director

LifeVac Europe have built a leading reputation for safeguarding vulnerable people within the UK care sector in a choking emergency. We are proud to remain scientifically proven to be safest, most effective and easiest to use airway clearance device in the world. Backed by multiple search studies and peer reviewed medical publications in leading journals on lives saved, independent testing, safety and effectiveness.

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