LifeVac saves a life within Hallmark care homes

The team at LifeVac Europe are incredibly pleased to share the wonderful news that LifeVac has helped save another life within the adult care sector.

It has been reported to us that LifeVac was used within a Hallmark care home to help save a life in a choking emergency.

An elderly female resident was taking her daily medication when she came into difficulty. A tablet become lodged in her airway creating a partial airway obstruction.

Hallmark care home employees acted quickly delivering BLS choking protocol. Unfortunately, encouraging the resident to cough and back blows were not able dislodge the partial airway obstruction. A nurse quickly retrieved their LifeVac device from their wall mounted kit and in seconds dislodged the lodged tablet and the resident made a full recovery.

“The device is very useful/helpful.” – nurse


Matthew Banagan, Sales and Marketiing Director commented: “We are very happy that LifeVac has saved another life and we are proud to support Hallmark Care Homes with the outstanding quality of care they provide. We have saved over 200 lives now in a choking emergency when all else has failed or BLS choking protocol cannot be performed, making a huge impact with one of the leading causes of accidental death in adults over the age of 65. We are welcoming new care providers to the LifeVac family on a daily basis and are very proud to work with so many providers across the UK.”


In a care setting people can choke on many things, not just food. Things such as medication, vomit, teeth, sputum and if someone has a disorder such as Pica crave and eat non-food items.

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