LifeVac Saves Another Life Within a UK Care Home

The team at LifeVac Europe are very pleased to share amazing news that LifeVac has helped save another life within the UK care sector.

This time we helped save another life within the UK’s largest care and nursing home provider, HC-One.

An elderly female resident was enjoying her dinner when she came into difficulty whilst eating. Food had become lodged in her airway creating a full airway obstruction.

Nurses and carers acted quickly delivering BLS choking protocol, which sadly did not dislodge the food from her airway and she became unconscious.

One of the nurses quickly deployed their LifeVac airway clearance device from the wall mounted box. Within seconds LifeVac was applied and removed the full airway obstruction.

The female resident regained consciousness and made a full recovery.


“Very effective and easy to use” – Nurse


I'm thrilled we have helped save another life in the UK healthcare sector. Every day we receive wonderful news of helping save another life in a choking emergency when all else fails. Every time we receive these moving testimonials, it feels like the first time. I'm very proud of the huge impact we are making on peoples lives and the reputation we have built by leading the way in safety and effectiveness.

— Eric Banagan, Managing Director - LifeVac Europe

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