8-Month-Old Girl Saved with LifeVac in a Choking Emergency

LifeVac are excited to announce another life saved

It has been reported to us an 8-month-old baby girl began choking on a plastic ring from a bottle cap of table sauce causing a partial airway obstruction.

Here is the frightening story of the day her precious child choked:

My 8-month-old daughter, Brynlee was on the floor playing. She started gagging and I suddenly knew something was wrong. I quickly picked her up and saw that she was choking. I rolled her over to perform back blows but then saw she wasn’t breathing so I yelled for my husband to get the LifeVac. I used it and after 1 pull, the object came up along with vomit. It was a plastic piece off of a condiment container. She would have never gotten it up on her own nor with performing the back blows. I am so grateful I received this as a gift at my daughter’s baby shower.

— Mother

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