LifeVac Saves Another Life in a UK Care Home in a Choking Emergency

LifeVac are pleased to share news of another life saved

We have been informed of another life saved in a choking emergency! This time within another UK care home. Helping to reduce one of the leading causes of accidental death in adults over the age of 65…choking.

An 83-Year-Old female resident, who resides in a care home in Wales, came into difficulty while enjoying her breakfast. Pureed food became stuck in her airway, creating a partial airway obstruction.

Abdominal thrusts could not be performed as the casualty is bed ridden. Staff acted quickly and accordingly delivering back blows. Unfortunately these attempts could not dislodge the obstruction.

LifeVac was quickly deployed from it’s wall mounted box. LifeVac was applied in a sitting position, and on the third Place-Push-Pull, dislodged the airway obstruction helping save the residents life.

Easy to use, worked well and removed the blockage

— Home Manager

This is wonderful news to hear! LifeVac has now helped save over 470 lives in a choking emergency. Knowing we are making such a huge impact on peoples and families lives is amazing!

— Daniel – Engineer, LifeVac Europe

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