LifeVac® are Delighted to Share News of Another Child Saved in a Choking Emergency

It was reported to us that a 5-year-old boy choked on a large clump of cereal causing a full airway obstruction. His grandmother attempted ALL BLS first aid choking rescue procedures but was not able to dislodge the food. The child then became unresponsive. We are so thankful the little boy’s grandparents had a LifeVac®.

Below is the testimony from the grandfather:

My wife a retired RN of 30 years was ultimately in control during this incident. She used every first responder method to clear our grandson’s blockage. We keep the Life Vac in the kitchen near our eating area. When all attempts failed to clear the blockage, she used the Life Vac and on the first attempt, the object was expelled. He gasped and began to vomit. He is doing fine and will go to the doctor for a follow-up. Thank you! LifeVac is an amazing, easy-to-use device. A lifesaver!”

— Grandfather

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