LifeVac® Are Pleased to Share News of Another Child Saved

It was reported to us that a 7-month-old baby boy choked on 3 pieces of watermelon. His mother attempted blows several times, but her efforts were unsuccessful in dislodging the food. LifeVac® was used once, and successfully dislodged the obstruction allowing the child to breathe again.

He was still learning to eat, and I was learning how to chop his food to the right size, and I switched up the size mid-meal (bad decision) and he put three pieces of watermelon in his mouth and swallowed. I realized he was choking and grabbed him out of his highchair. I did three back blows and then turned him around to see a red face, gargling/slobbery watermelon coming out of his mouth and thought… Am I really going to need to use the LifeVac? I just bought it a few months back. And then I thought don’t mess with the back blows anymore. I used it and three pieces flew out of his mouth, and I cried and he didn’t. He was just fine.”

— Mother

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