LifeVac® are Proud to Share Details of Another Life Saved

It was reported to us that an 8-week-old baby girl, choked on formula, (suffers from a severe form of reflux/GERD) causing a complete airway obstruction. The child’s father tried using a suction device given to him by his department. It is a standard battery-powered vacuum pump. He tried suctioning her for about 30 seconds, but it didn’t work. He had a LifeVac® in his car and ran with his unconscious infant daughter to the garage. He laid on her back on the bonnet of the car and used the LifeVac® device to clear her airway. We are so thankful this precious baby is okay.

I’ve been a 911 dispatcher for 16 years. I never heard of this device until I saw a segment on tv about it. I’ve instructed hundreds of people on the Heimlich and CPR, but this device made a significant difference. If the LifeVac had not opened her airway on that third attempt, I was going to start CPR. As with all of the episodes before this one, Abigail was perfectly fine but exhausted from the episode and went back to sleep. The video attached is of what our garage camera caught. In the third clip, you can briefly see me drop the LifeVac and it slides down the car hood. We’ve been in and out of the hospital several times trying to figure out the cause and a solution and we’re still looking into it. The reason I am telling you this story is that LifeVac made a believer out of me. I don’t think she would’ve survived without it. Thank you! Without a doubt, LifeVac saved her life.”

— Hero Father

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