LifeVac saves another child’s life in a choking emergency!

LifeVac rejoices as another CHILD has been saved. Here is the testimonial from the mother of the child:

“We purchased LifeVac a few months back when our twins started getting more mobile. I kicked around the idea of buying it for a while but with two babies getting into everything I knew I needed the added peace of mind. I never thought I would ever have to actually use it but unfortunately this last week we did.   My 9-month-old son had found a small piece of plastic my 10-year-old daughter had unknowingly dropped on the ground. I noticed my son was turning red and his eyes were watering. My husband grabbed him and tried to sweep out the blockage but had no luck.  He turned him over to do a few back blows but still couldn’t clear his airway.  I immediately went for our LifeVac which, (thank goodness) was just a few steps away in our kitchen cabinet.  On the first try, LifeVac dislodged the plastic. I was hesitant to purchase this product at first because I thought I might be wasting money on something I may never use, now I couldn’t be more grateful and highly recommend everyone have one in their home.  I now will be carrying one in my diaper bag and in both our vehicles!” 

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