LifeVac saves life in UK care sector

LifeVac is used again in the UK care sector to save a life in a choking emergency

The choking experts at LifeVac Europe are extremely proud to share fantastic news that LifeVac has been used again within the UK care sector.

It has been reported to us that LifeVac was deployed within Dovehaven Care Homes when a resident choked on bacon.

Like thousands of other care providers across the UK, Dovenhaven delivered a group roll out LifeVac across all of their care homes to raise the standards of care and safeguard the wonderful people they care for in a choking emergency.

A resident was enjoying their meal when bacon become lodged in their airway, which became a full airway obstruction.

Nurses and carer’s  quickly carried out BLS choking protocol in an attempt to dislodge the bacon, sadly BLS choking protocol failed to dislodge the obstruction. Staff then quickly grabbed the LifeVac from their wall mounted box and within seconds LifeVac removed the bacon saving the residents life.


"Patient would have likely died or required CPR if LifeVac not available as BLS was unsuccessful"

— Dovehaven nurse

Matthew Banagan, a Director from LifeVac Europe commented: “This is absolutely brilliant news to hear! This is our 8th life saved within a week and a half. I’m extremely proud of the team at Dovehaven Care Homes and the staff who saved the persons life with their quick thinking and life saving skills”.

Above is a snippet from a study that was carried out in the medical school at the University of Warwick, UK.

This was peer reviewed and published in Resuscitation Plus by Elsevier and is also available on PubMED. In this cross over trial with 90 randomised participant’s who only had time to read the manufacturers instructions and were not allowed to handle any device before hand , LifeVac was compared to the abdominal thrusts and an invasive ACD called Dechoker which has a long tube that comes out of the mask and goes into the mouth.

LifeVac proved to be far superior than both, removing the obstruction 99% of the time with 82% being dislodged in under and minute. Users also felt it was a lot easier to use LifeVac device than the Dechoker device, but easier to perform the abdominal thrusts than both devices.

This is just one example from multiple peer reviewed medical publications which proves LifeVac is the safest, most effective and easiest to use airway clearance device (ACD) in the world.

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