LifeVac Europe are thrilled to announce and share details of LifeVac saving a 3 year old girl

A 3-year-old little girl choked on a peanut butter pretzel nugget causing a full airway obstruction. Her father an EMT & fireman attempted to dislodge the obstruction with back blows but was unsuccessful. His daughter was changing color, not moving any air, looking lifeless. He yelled for his wife the get the LifeVac and on the 1st attempt, the obstruction was removed completely out of her mouth into the mask saving his precious little girl’s life.

Please read this dad’s terrifying choking scare story:

“I’m writing you now because all is well, but I can’t sleep after having just used your product “for real” on my 3-year-old daughter. I’ve been a fireman & EMT for 22 years. I’ve unfortunately been part of many choking emergencies in my career but never for anyone close to me. I bought 4 LifeVacs about a year ago as a “just in case” for my two young children and wife who is a teacher. We keep one at home, two in our vehicles, and one in my wife’s classroom.

Just a few hours ago, my wife and I were sitting with my daughter eating a snack of peanut butter pretzel nuggets before bed. Knowing that the pretzels aren’t exactly 3 y/o friendly, we broke them in half for her but didn’t see her eating a whole one. I was preparing to take the rubbish out when my wife yelled for me to say our daughter was choking! Upon rushing over to my child, I observed her choking with “that look” in her eyes, total frothing from the mouth, and no air movement. I immediately performed a deep finger sweep and felt the object move deeper. I issued several heavy back blows while yelling for my wife to “get that thing, now!!!”

We keep the LifeVac in our cupboard closet not far from where she was choking. Nothing was working and I could see my daughter changing color, looking more lifeless and scared. As my wife was coming to me with the LifeVac I picked up my daughter and put her on the ground preparing for more back blows and possibly abdominal thrusts. She immediately handed me the LifeVac and I stuck it to her face and pulled! The mass of cemented pretzel came right out! My daughter gasped for air and the rest was all tears and relief.

Thank you for making such an amazing product!!!!!! I truly believe that it saved her life!!!!

Respectfully and with endless thanks,”

Chicago. IL

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