Mum Saves Daughter with LifeVac Choking Rescue Device

LifeVac is thrilled to announce another life saved

A mother shares the frightening story of her 3-year-old daughter choking on a coin. We are so thankful she is okay!

Mothers testimonial:

“I get home from cleaning this morning and Harper decides to put a penny in her mouth…accidentally gets it lodged in her throat. I hear a weird sound and come into the living room to her trying to yell and grabbing her throat. I look in her mouth/throat and see nothing so I try the abdominal thrusts… not dislodging.. after multiple attempts and her still not being able to breathe I run to get the LifeVac device I bought online and am able to dislodge the penny but gets swallowed.. so took her to the ER in hopes it doesn’t get lodged somewhere else and will pass. My nerves are totally shot. That was so scary.

This is the device that I bought a while back because I’ve always been so scared of one of the kids choking on something. This helped save my daughter’s life. If you don’t have a anti-choking device – BUY ONE!! There are multiple kinds but this is the one I decided to buy because it has multiple masks that are different sizes. I’ve made this post public – share it! Seriously so scary and I hope this helps someone else from losing their child because I almost lost mine today.”



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