Good Samaritan Saves Boy with LifeVac in a Choking Emergency

LifeVac are overjoyed to share news of another life saved

A Good Samaritan saved the life of a young boy! The Assistant Director of the Food Service Department in an Iowa school saved a student when he began choking on popcorn chicken.

She was not scheduled to be at that school on that day but was asked to come by to drop something off. Thankfully, she was in the cafeteria and saw the child choking. She ran out to her car and got her LifeVac. The nurse performed back blows and the abdominal thrusts. She told the nurse to lay down the child and explained to the child what she was going to do. She used the LifeVac twice and dislodged the obstruction, saving the child’s life! The nurse called EMS and his parents.

I work in our school’s food service, and we had a young child choke. I ran to my vehicle and grabbed it. He is okay. The school nurse was apprehensive as she had never seen one before. When we laid him down, I had to try twice, and she stood him back up to resume traditional life-saving measures but before she performed abdominal thrusts again his colour came back, and he whispered it went down

— Rescuer

She immediately took popcorn chicken and cherry tomatoes off the menu. One of our most important missions at LifeVac is to help prevent choking tragedies in our schools.! At lunchtime, on the playground, or even on the school bus, we’ve seen it happen all too often, and all too innocently with tragic results. We never know when or where the next accident may occur.

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