7-Year-Old Girl Saved by LifeVac Choking Rescue Device

LifeVac are thrilled to share news of another life saved

It was reported to us, that a 7-year-old girl with special needs, experienced a choking scare twice on the same day! The family were on vacation at a water park in Washington State. (Great Wolf Lodge)
While at breakfast the young girl choked on a piece of sausage. Her parents attempted a few back blows and then quickly grabbed the LifeVac that they put in their stroller that day. We are thankful they had their unit with them as no one in the establishment assisted them.

That same day while at a buffet dinner at the resort, their daughter choked on a piece of cheese from pizza. The cheese was stringy and became lodged in her airway. This time a waitress came over to the family as she saw their daughter in distress. She knew of LifeVac and has one herself. She grabbed the LifeVac from the stroller and applied it to the little girl’s face, while her mother held her head and the mask on her face. The waitress placed, pushed, and pulled. On the 2nd application, the cheese was dislodged.

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